Every year, we ask our readers about their favorite products that aren’t a part of an existing retail store. These are the locally-made or locally-sourced items that you can find around town in other shops, grocery stores and retail outlets — as well as online stores.

For the second year in a row, our readers picked North Country Charcuterie, a local, family-owned meat production company that specializes in sausages, charcuterie and bacon.

Currently, you can find their products at several local farmers markets throughout Central Ohio, as well as direct from the company on their website.

For more information, visit www.northcountrycharcuterie.com.

Top 10 Local Products of 2020:

  1. North Country Charcuterie
  2. OH! Chips
  3. Glenn Avenue Soap Company
  4. Eleventh Candle Co.
  5. Thunderkiss Coffee
  6. Cliff Original
  7. Seaworthy Bread
  8. Wild Origins
  9. Uncle Giant
  10. Darista Dips

Flashback: Best Locally Made Product of 2019: North Country Charcuterie

Source: Columbus Underground