North Country Charcuterie handmakes cured meats and salamis. A Chef, his brother and their mother. North Country Charcuterie is a family-owned company, handmaking cured meats in Columbus, Ohio. They source humanely raised pork from nearby farms, use ingredients from Ohio makers including craft beer, cheese, wine, herbs and spices, and cure everything at our own USDA inspected facility.
Specialty: Fermented meats
First, the meat is cut into fist-sized chunks to be processed. After it is put in the drum, it is combined with spices, garlic, and the probiotic starter. It gets ground three times at different sizes. Then it is extruded through an all natural pork membrane as the casing. String is cut to arms length and tied around every link. Each link gets punctured with holes to assist in even curing and is hung in a curing chamber for 24 hours. It is then moved into the bigger room to hang for weeks to months, depending on the type. It is then packaged and distributed. The USDA comes daily for inspection.
by Leah Grace Shaffer

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